Barack Obama – Yes We Can

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Barack Obama – Yes We Can

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Track List :
A1 Hail To The Chief
A2 Star Spangled Banner
A3 “It’s Tempting To Look Back…” (State Of The Union 2010)
A4 The Stars And Stripes Forever
A5 Semper Fidelis
A6 “For These Americans…” (State Of The Union 2010)
A7 The Washington Post March
A8 “Despite Our Hardships…” (State Of The Union 2010)
A9 Marine’s Hymn
A10 “For America Must Always Think…” (State Of The Union 2010)
A11 The Thunderer
A12 “In The End It’s Our Ideals…” (State Of The Union 2010)
A13 El Capitan
B1 God Bless America
B2 he Liberty Bell
B3 “My Fellow Citizens…” (2009 Inaugural Address)
B4 My Country Tis Of Thee
B5 “Today, I Say To You That The…” (2009 Inaugural Address)
B6 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
B7 “Now Some Will Question The Scale…” (2009 Inaugural Address)
B8 Battle Hymn Of The Republic
B9 “For We Know That Our…” (2009 Inaugural Address)
B10 Yankee Doodle
B11 “For As Much As Government Can Do…” (2009 Inaugural Address)
B12 You’re A Grand Old Flag
B13 “Almost Every Country On Earth…” (Dec 31, 2016 Weekly Address)
B14 Happy Days Are Here Again