Daniel Pemberton – Enola Holmes Ost. (Turquoise Vinyl)

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Daniel Pemberton – Enola Holmes Ost. (Turquoise Vinyl)

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รหัสสินค้า: 02-INT-ENOLA OST หมวดหมู่: , ป้ายกำกับ:


A1 Enola Holmes (Wild Child)
A2 Gifts From Mother
A3 Mycroft & Sherlock Holmes
A4 Cracking The Chrysanthemums Cypher
A5 The Game Is Afoot
A6 Train Escape
A7 Nincompoop
A8 Marquis
B1 Fields Of London
B2 London Arrival
B3 Dressing Up Box
B4 Messages For Mother
B5 The Limehouse Puzzle
B6 Limehouse Lane
B7 Fight Combat
B8 Edge Of A Cliff
C1 Basilwether Hall
C2 Forest Clues
C3 Twekesbury’s Trail
C4 Escaping Lestrade
C5 Making A Lady
C6 School Escape
C7 Tick Tock
D1 For England
D2 Ha!
D3 Enola & Tewkesbury Farewell
D4 An Old Friend
D5 Mother
D6 Enola Holmes (The Future Is Up To Us)