Texas – The Very Best Of 1989 – 2023

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Texas – The Very Best Of 1989 – 2023

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รหัสสินค้า: 02-INT-TEXAS VERY หมวดหมู่: ,



Track list
A1 Say What You Want
A2 Black Eyed Boy
A3 Inner Smile
A4 Mr Haze
A5 Halo
A6 I Don’t Want A Lover
B1 Summer Son
B2 Keep On Talking
B3 The Conversation
B4 In Our Lifetime
B5 In Demand
B6 Put Your Arms Around Me
C1 Let’s Work It Out
C2 When We Are Together
C3 Hi
C4 Say What You Want (All Day Everyday)
C5 Tired Of Being Alone
C6 Start A Family
D1 So Called Friend
D2 Everyday Now
D3 Insane
D4 After All
D5 Sleep
D6 So In Love With You