Wednesday OST (Purple&Black Vinyl)

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Wednesday OST (Purple&Black Vinyl)

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รหัสสินค้า: 02-INT-WEDN OST(C) หมวดหมู่: ,



A1 Wednesday Main Titles
A2 Things Follow Rowen
A3 Morticia and Wednesday
A4 Secret Library
A5 Scorpion Flashback
A6 The Monster
A7 Family Day
A8 Burning Outcasts
B1 Wednesday On The Case
B2 Dress Shopping
B3 Gomez Accused Of Murder
B4 A Dove And A Raven
B5 Gomez’ Story
B6 A More Than Adequate Father
B7 It’s A Snood
B8 Morticia’s Yearbook
B9 Devious Plan
B10 I will Find You
C1 Searching The House
C2 The Monster Is Here!
C3 Uncle Fester
C4 Annoying Distractions
C5 Fester And Wednesday Stakeout
C6 Let’s Roll
C7 Stabbed In The Back
C8 First Kiss
D1 Wednesday Packs Up
D2 Crackstone Roses
D3 Goody Heals Wednesday
D4 Enid To The Rescue
D5 The Hug
D6 The End…?
D7 Wednesday Addams (End Titles)